How Are The Scores Delivered?

Upon ordering a score you receive automatically, within seconds, a link to download the scores and print them for your performers or distribute to them for home practicing.

How Many Copies Can I Print?

You may print as many copies as you ordered. If you ordered 40 vocal scores for a choir of 40 singers, that's the amount you may produce. However, if one of the copies gets lost or damaged, you may create a new copy. Our files are delivered with a watermark with your name and order number.

Can I Order Printed Scores?

Yes, you can! We have partnered with J. W. Pepper who offers all our scores delivered to you as printed scores. The only exception is that you still need to require the instrumental parts for the full work from us. 

Can We Perform The Music On a Video Live Stream?

The stand-alone movements can be performed on streamed video performances without any further agreement. For the full version you must first require a license here. 

Can We Upload Our Performance Online?

Performances of the stand-alone movements can be uploaded online without any further agreement. For the full version you must first require a license here.

Can We Record The Music for CD Or Digital Release?

In order to do so you need to require a license here. We do currently not grant a license to record the full version until 2022.

Can We Use The Choreography From Your Videos?

We do not own the rights to the choreography from any of the performances of the work. The choreography is protected by copyright laws and the rights are owned by the choreographers in each specific performance.