The Stranger premiered

After such a long time in the making, we could finally give “The Stranger” its World Premiere.

Thank you to everyone who came to the concert to share this moment with us.

Special thanks to Gary Aamodt and Celia Ellingson in the Together in Hope Project for the initiative, creative process and text material. To Olavsfest for making it happen, and to Boosey & Hawkes for important ‘behind the scenes’ work.

To everyone in the Together in Hope Choir and TrondheimSolistene, Anders Larsen, Hans Fredrik Jacobsen, Lars Henrik Johansen, Ruth Potter, Lars Sitter, Espen Aalberg, and Isam Bachiri for an extraordinary performance.

To Brian Schmidt and Anton Armstrong for their contribution and musical expertise.

Finally big thanks to the amazing conductor and human being Mark Stover!

See you all in the next chapter.


Photos: Ole Martin Wold