Recording license


If you plan to record music on a CD, vinyl, for streaming etc, there are rights you need to clear first.

How do I get permission and a license?

1. You need permission from us as the rights holder of the work.

Note: If you are interested in making the first recording (world premiere recording) of "Tuvayhun" or its stand-alone movements, please note that permission is granted only on the approval of the record label, producer, performers, conductor, release plan and marketing plan. Also, the composer shall be the co-producer of the recording.

2. Then you'll need a license from NCB, the Nordic Copyright Bureau or the Harry Fox Agency in the United States.

All recordings that contain copyright-protected music must be cleared through NCB, who collects payments on behalf of the rights holders.

Why do I need a license?

Mechanical licensing is the licensing of musical compositions for use on CDs, Spotify, iTunes, and other physical or digital configurations. Recording hire fees may be applicable. This is required under U.S. Copyright Law, regardless of whether or not you are selling the copies you made.

Why do I need permission?

By copyright law, copyright falls into two categories: Economic rights and moral rights. While NCB or Harry Fox protects the right holder's economic rightsmoral rights are the author's and right holder's right to control how their work is used. As an example, it is the right holder's right to control how the first recording of a work is produced and by who. 

What is copyright?

Copyright is a law which states that the creators of artistic works own their creations – those creations are their ‘intellectual property’. As with any other form of property, intellectual property must not be stolen or used by others without the consent of the creators or without any reward being offered.

Request form

To request permission for a recording please contact